Migraine Relief: Negative Side of Migraine

Migraine can be a very scary illness. Let us take a look to midyear 2007 in Taiwan where a shocking reality was revealed as a result of researches that were done to study the teenagers who suffered from migraine and depression at the same time. Their agony, which emerged from both their depression and migraine lead them to a possibility of suicide.

Teenagers are susceptible to headache and the ones who have a chronic headache are more likely to have a psychology disorder such as; depression and panic. The study that was done in Taiwan showed that nearly 50% of Taiwanese teenagers had chronic headache or migraine and suffered depression as a psychology disorder. And about 20% had a high risk of committing suicide.

People who experience aura before a migraine attack have the tendency to have at least one psychology disorder. Teenagers who experience migraine with an aura have a higher possibility of committing suicide compared to the ones who do not experience migraine. Although migraine sufferers without aura have a possibility of depression, but migraine sufferers with aura are the ones who need to have an intensive treatment as their migraine has much bigger chance in leading them into a greater depression which can result in suicide attempts.

Researchers have not found any links between psychology disorders and migraine other than the similarity of serotonin levels in the brain. Up to present, migraine is still being researched for the exact cause of its occurrence and how it is linked to another health problem. Migraine seems like a simple thing when it is really not. Migraine can cause us to lose our ability to do every day activities and can trigger teenagers in committing suicide.

The fact that migraine is a chronic neurological condition, the effective treatment for migraine sufferers is suggestion technique. The treatment will reduce migraine symptoms such as duration or frequency. By treatment, migraine sufferers will have the ability to carry on their daily activities. Life style changes are really helpful in this treatment.

We can find articles discussing about migraine which are most likely describing the deep and severe pain of migraine that happens each time it attacks. The pain that migraine causes is very agonizing when experienced by an adult; they will have a problem dealing with it and they must take intensive treatment and medication to reduce the pain. It makes sense that when teenagers experience migraine attacks, they would have less entrenchment than adults in trying to lose the killing pain which can lead them to a having will to commit suicide.

Treat your teenagers well and pay great attention when symptoms of migraine emerge. Immediately, take them to the doctor for further treatment or a psychiatrist when necessary as migraine can lead to a psychology disorder. You can find information regarding migraine, its medication and its treatment, in the newspaper, television or the internet.

Be very careful about translating doctor’s diagnosis, ask them clearly and specifically all the details about your specific symptoms of migraine. What triggers your children’s migraine and do step by step intensive medication for them, especially during the migraine attacks.

Remember when migraine occurs, it can lasts between four to 72 hours and it can repeat within 3 months. If at least one of these symptom (pain around head, face and neck areas; vomiting, nausea, light-headedness and increased sensitivity to light) are perceived by your child, make a quick action or bring them to the doctor, as these symptom are signs of migraine.

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