Migraine Relief: Migraine and Other Illnesses

There are illnesses or ailments that are connected to migraine because they have similar causes or triggers. What later becomes a problem is that the medications prescribed for migraine often have reversed or chain reaction effects on other illnesses and vice versa, for example; medications prescribed for migraine can cause a different illness to emerge, or the other way around. Nevertheless, this undesirable effect of migraine is not as complicated or dangerous as when someone suffers heart problem and diabetes or cancer at the same time.

Here are samples of illnesses that have been found to be co-existing with migraine; heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, Raynaud’s phenomenon, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel disorder, Chrohn’s disease and many others. There have been studies that show the possibility that these illnesses can lead to migraine. There is also a possibility that someone who suffers migraine also suffers one of these illnesses.

As an example, let us have a look at the connection that migraine has with Raynaud’s phenomenon. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a spastic condition where small arteries in the fingers and toes are affected. The cold weather, stress and emotional situations wheedle blood vessels to constrict, hence blood circulation stops. The similarity between migraines with Raynaud’s phenomenon is that both are sensitive to emotional and physical changes. Raynaud’s phenomenon can be triggered by migraine medication; a biofeedback between one medication to another for two different illnesses.

Now, let us have a look at the connection between migraine and epilepsy. Epilepsy is the health problem that has a close connection to migraine. Epilepsy occurs where groups of nerve cells discharge in the brain at the same time. The common abnormalities of serotonin transmitted in the nerve signal are shared in epilepsy and migraine. Another similarity of migraine and epilepsy is in both conditions, sufferers are sensitive to noise and bright lights. The number of similarities between migraine and epilepsy often cause people who suffer epilepsy to suffer migraine as well. The good side of this situation is that medications for migraine often work well to cure epilepsy. Among the well-known medicine that work well for both epilepsy and migraine are Divalproex or depakote.

An ailment can also have a link to migraine. A simple flu or sinus can be a trigger of migraine. Their connection is in the muscles in our body that influence each other to provoke migraine.

Migraine, depression and serotonin are also linked to each other because of their similarities.

Knowing the fact that there are other illnesses and ailments that are closely connected to migraine and that they can develop undesirable effects if not treated carefully, it is suggested that migraine sufferers regularly see a doctor. By getting checked by a doctor gives migraine sufferers the chance to keep an eye on his/her health; whether there is a chance of suffering another illness and what you can do to prevent or overcome the illness.

Although some illnesses can be connected to migraine because of their similarities, the root of each illness or ailment is different from migraine. Therefore, doctors still prefer to treat patient separately for each illness, including in prescribing the medicines.

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