Migraine Relief: Watch for the Sign!

Every illness is a sign that something in our body is not right. When migraine attacks, it is a sign of that we are overloaded and our brain needs a break. When such attack occurs, we need to remind ourselves to slow down; pushing further can only result in further damage. Not knowing the common causes and triggers of migraine can mislead people in choosing treatments. If you are not sure about the migraine attack that just happened to you, see the doctor

The difference between common headache and migraine is clear; migraine has greater and deeper pain than headache. The force of a migraine can be described as pulsating or throbbing pain on the head. When a headache occurs, we can determine from the strength of the pain that we feel. If it the pain is mainly felt on the outer part of our head or the feeling is more towards dizziness, then it is a normal headache. If the pain is really intense until you cannot cope with it anymore or starts to feel nauseous and sick, then it is migraine that you are experiencing.

The intensity of the pain in a migraine attack also depends on the cause of the migraine; intense heat during a hot day, lack of sleep, missing a meal during an important meeting, sleeping disorder, not exercising regularly, etc. In worse cases of migraines, sufferers can also experience vomiting and oversensitivity towards light or sound. About 20% migraine sufferers feel an aura before the migraine attacks.

Even though we can feel the warnings before the migraine attack, still, not everyone is strong enough to handle the pain. Moreover, if the migraine attack occurs at an important time, it can create even more stress as the migraine attack will surely distract and ruin our plan. The worst scenario, it can take us a few days to recover from the migraine attack with no guarantee that it is not going to happen again.

Migraine attack occurs in unpredictable times. Some people experience migraine as a one-off thing, which mostly cause-based, at a low or medium intensity, but some other experience an immobilizing intense pain that happens regularly. In any of these cases, the sufferer can be immobilized between 4 to 72 hours.

Sometimes, migraine attacks suddenly without warning, but there are also some cases where the sufferers feel as if the muscles in their head are pulled very hard right before the migraine attack starts. The migraine sufferer may cry once the pain intensified and they cannot stand it anymore. Migraine pain is really painful.

Be careful if you are a regular migraine sufferer. Migraine pains are very similar with symptoms of other serious diseases such as stroke. You need to see a doctor to be diagnosed. There are medications for migraine, but, as there are different types of migraine and the causes for migraine attacks, the medication needs to be prescribed by a doctor.

Do not underestimate migraine. When you think you have migraine symptoms; quickly see a doctor!

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