Migraine Relief: Free from Migraine

There have been many researches and studies done about migraine, and all of them agree on one thing; migraine is one illness that is not too difficult to cope with if we know how to do the treatment ourselves. Most information that we can gather will most likely explain the danger of migraine. Despite the danger, a lot of migraine sufferers have been successful in losing migraine for good.

Migraine is a chronic neurological condition of the central nervous system being abnormally sensitive. We can also say that migraine is a condition where activity in the brain stem is working out of balance as migraine is linked to psychology disorder. Many medicine and treatment have been created but one medicine or treatment that is good for one illness is not always good for others; this condition applies to migraine. Therefore, we need to search to find the right prescription or treatment for migraine.

Whenever we are talking about migraine, it is always better to be preventive than curative. Therefore, let us start with paying attention to our life style. By living with regular healthy habit including food consumption, sports, our way of thinking, house work, career, relationship and other aspects in our life. At least we do not need to try every migraine medicine that we come across with if we have been diagnosed with a migraine. We only need to stick with the ones prescribed by the doctors.

Wake up early before the sun arises is a good healthy habit to start with, since the air at the dawn is still clear, it is good for our health. Practicing simple exercise routine and doing housework; preparing meals for our family, cooking and cleaning up; are all good exercise that we can do to prevent migraine attack. Always do things with happiness and sincerity instead of perforce. If you feel hard doing something then you should not do it, because if you keep doing it, it might bring you a headache which can lead to migraine.

To always see things in a positive way is also a good exercise for our brain. Remember that any trigger of migraine starts in our brain. Our brain muscles are a group of muscles that are linked together including to the parts where information about migraine is stored. Our head will feel dizzy if we are not happy or satisfied with what we are doing; and this may lead to migraine. When an emotion arises, the muscles in our brain are tensed, causing a headache. If the headache accelerates, it may also turn into migraine.

Give yourself a break if you feel tired or dizzy, do not force your head to think beyond its capacity as stress can arise and migraine will surely follow. Do some relaxation or get some sleep, as our brain regenerates cells in a relaxed feeling or during sleep. Our brain continuously reconstructs things that we experience or come across with. Remember that our brain needs oxygen to work, during relaxation or sleep we take in more oxygen from the air around us and the brain will be refreshed. This is why getting enough sleep, exercise and relaxation can help us avoid migraine.

Make those activities a habit, a healthy habit by consuming healthy food that has as low chemical consumption as possible and drink enough water to prevent migraine.
A healthy life style is the main key to avoid migraine.

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