Migraine Relief: Living without the Severe Pain

Migraine is a severe headache that can attack anyone, men or women. Whenever it attacks, it can immobilize the victim; therefore a migraine reliever is very important to everyone who regularly suffers migraine attack. There are various types of migraine relievers, starting from paracetamol, to heavier medications to stop or reduce the pain. There are also prescribed migraine relievers to prevent attacks.
Whenever we see someone experiencing migraine attack, either a family member or a co-worker, we could almost feel the pain ourselves due to the expression of pain we see on the person’s face. This can happen because migraine is really painful when it occurs. Whether it is a first attack or a regular one, migraine can immobilize the victim. You can be suffering in bed for a few days if the case is really severe.

This is why people who are prone to migraine always look for good migraine relievers, both to cure happening attacks and preventing future attacks. Nowadays, migraine relievers come in different types, because the types of pain that people experience and suffer are different too.
For minor attacks of migraine there are low-dose choices of migraine relievers that are not much different from every day tablets for headache, such as; paracetamol or ibuprofen. These types of migraine relievers work well in reducing or eliminating the pain associated with minor migraine attacks and giving the victim an opportunity to rest.

In the case of worse attacks, stronger medications are needed. Stronger migraine relievers that can be used for heavy attacks are the ones that have triptan substance. The way triptan works is by affecting serotonin, which makes it good in relieving migraine that is accompanied by vomiting. People who suffer migraine that is accompanied by vomiting can use methods of thigh injection or dissolving the medication in the mouth.

There are some cases when triptan and its derivatives do not work well in eliminating migraines. If these situations happens, other alternatives of migraine relievers that can be used are; ergotamine tartrate, dihydroergotamine or combination of acetaminophen, isometheptene and dichloralphenazone. These medicines work similarly with triptan in the way that they affect serotonin. However, these migraine relievers also affect other parts of the brain, so extra care is needed when deciding to use these medicines. To achieve similar effects, there are also medications for nausea that can be used as migraine relievers, namely; prochlorperazine or promethazine.

For more serious cases, there are stronger medicines that fall under narcotic class. These medications are not specifically intended to be migraine relievers, as they are pain killers for any kind of severe pains. These medicines are; butalbital compound, acetaminophen and codeine. If you think you need to use these substances, you need to see and consult your doctor prior to using them. These substances carry a habit forming effect on their users, so you should try other alternatives before you go for these ones.

Finally, there are migraine relievers for preventive cases. People who often get migraine attacks as a regular thing can use these type of migraine relievers, which are: beta blockers and calcium channel blockers, antidepressants, anti seizure and antihistamine.

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