Migraine Relief: Food and Migraine

No one can be absolutely sure of what the real cause of migraine is. There is a possibility that migraine is caused by the food we consume. It might never cross anyone’s mind that having migraine is very similar with doing a weight loss program. As have been explained in many media that a lot of things can trigger migraine. Certain food needs to be reduced or avoided in being consumed as it can cause migraine.

Food is the source of energy for human. From the variety of food that we consume we can have complete input of nutrition to live healthily and do normal activities in living our lives. However, the fact that food makes up the bigger portion of substances external to our body that enters it on daily basis, it has a big possibility on causing various problems to our body; migraine is a clear example of it.

Migraine is one of health problems that are triggered by imperfect human habits which clash with human’s internal body system. Therefore, we need to pay good attention to our daily habits, especially our eating habits, to avoid the risk of migraine.

If you have migraine problem then make a note on your kitchen or stick it on your refrigerator about how food can cause migraine. This note can be a very useful reminder to keep a healthy eating habit to avoid migraine. The difficult part is that avoiding the food which can become a trigger of migraine does not guarantee that you will not be attacked by migraine, as some medication, illnesses, hormonal or emotional influence can also trigger migraine. Carefully selecting our food is just a way to reduce the possibility of having migraine.

Food has different effect on each person as migraine also attacks each migraine sufferer differently. You need to do a little trial and error research to know which types of food cause you migraine. The following list will give you an idea of which type of food needs to be avoided as it can trigger migraine:

Avocados, dried meats, ripe banana, any food containing caffeine; including coffee, yeast, nuts, sourdough breads, dairy products, alcohol, chocolate, anchovies, some beans, lentil, soy, peas, soya products as well as the bean itself,  bacon and cured meats, MSG and  flavor enhancer.

Out of all the food that can cause migraine, the one that creates the greater effect or trigger for migraine are alcohol and MSG (monosodium glutamate).

The actually list of the food which may trigger migraine is much longer, but the above list should give a good reference to it. According to available data, if you happen to be eating one or more of the above listed food, and your body does not tolerate the type of food, the most common effect is you will have a headache within an hour or so. To know the types of food that is intolerable by our own body is very important so that we can avoid having migraine attack.

Don’t worry if you find your favourite food on the list above, having a small bite of it is usually tolerated. Just don’t be provoked to have more without realizing that you have consumed more than the tolerable amount.

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