Break Away From Migraine with Simple Massage

Many young executives suffer from migraine. Many things can cause migraine, but most of these young executives suffer migraine because of the stress they get from the high workload. Migraine can start from a headache which quickly escalates into a severe throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head. There are two main types of migraine; light and severe migraine.

Migraine is a really annoying headache because it has the tendency to occur at the busiest times at home or work. A lot of medications have been invented to heal or reduce migraine, but, if you can find a technique to treat migraine without medications, it is better to apply such technique. Now, I will share with you, a technique which can be applied to reduce or eliminate the pain from a migraine attack.

When the unexpected attack of migraine occurs, close your eyes and free your mind from all the things that bother you. Lay down on your back in bed or on the sofa. The pain from migraine takes time to completely disappear, but as the pain slowly calms down, you will start feeling better.

As the pain decreases and you are feeling a little better, start massaging your head using your fingers. Create compulsions on your head by moving your fingers one by one as if they were spider’s feet walking on your head; the compulsions will distract your mind from the migraine. Massage your head all over, next, your face along the face line. After that, move on to other areas; forehead, around the eyes, nose, cheeks, behind the ears and neck. Make sure that the massage covers all parts of your head and face, as all of your head muscles are connected including the area where the migraine attack initially started from.

Keep massaging for a while, to keep your mind away from the migraine attack and the problem that stresses you. Don’t stop massaging until you can feel that the pain from the migraine attack is reduced to a tolerable level.

Try to have a sleep after the massage to let the migraine completely disappear. As you are lying down in bed, imagine that you are leaving everything behind and concentrating only on your relaxation. Close your eyes and ears so that you can clear your mind from troubling issues. Soon, you will find it easy to forget about your migraine attack and start falling asleep.

Try to do this technique every time you experience a migraine attack. After a couple of times applying this technique, you will notice that the intensity of each migraine attack that happens to you is less severe than the one before. This massage technique of reducing pain during a migraine attack can easily be done by anybody.

The most important thing to remember is to keep thinking positively; remind yourself that there is no illness that exists without a cure, and migraine is not an exception. This mindset will be a motivator for your brain to instruct your body to work normally and well.

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