Attacks on the Head that Need Relieve

Migraine is the severe form of headache. Most of the time, migraine attacks one side of the head, but there are times when it attacks both sides. The causes of migraine vary from food intolerance, lack of sleep, menstrual cycle, to anxiety. There are medications for this type of headache both abortive and preventive. However, the best way is deal with migraine is to recognize our specific causes and find the best way to avoid them.

There are a lot of types of headache, and the one people refer to as migraine is the most disturbing one. In most reported cases, migraine attacks one side of the head, although some people do experience the attack on both sides of the head. This type of headache can immobilize a person as it is severe and can last from half a day to several days.

There are no concrete answers to the question of what causes migraines. However, it is widely understood that it can be caused by food that are not tolerated by our body, lack of sleep during busy periods, women’s menstrual cycle or anxiety that we experience in some days of our lives. The same type of pain like migraines can actually be signs of stroke or meningitis, so, you need to take extra care if a severe throbbing headache occurs for the first time as it may lead to migraine.

There is myth in the society that women are more susceptible to migraines (20% of the population) compared to men (7% or the population). However, many sources confirm that men are as susceptible to migraine as women and the reason for the low reported case of migraine attacks on men is that men do not usually talk abut their migraine attacks.
For light cases of migraine, when the pain is just starting to appear, paracetamol or ibuprofen can be used as migraine reliever. However, when the pain is already severe, sumatriptan, rizatriptan or zolmitriptan might need to be used to stop the pain. When the migraine is accompanied by nausea or vomiting, doctors are likely to prescribe domperidone or metoclopramide to reduce the sickness and help speed up the body process in absorbing the migraine relievers. This type of treatment is referred to as abortive migraine treatment.

For people who are prone to migraines, and can expect the attack to occur often, they should take preventive migraine relievers, such as, propranolol or pizotifen, which have to be taken with doctor’s prescription.

There are also herbal alternatives to migraine relievers, such as, feverfew. Some people also tried homeopathy or acupuncture, although there has not been any concrete evidence that shows their success in curing migraine. What we really need to do to avoid migraine attacks are; watch what we eat, manage a good sleeping pattern and set a good daily schedule. Healthy habits will help us avoid migraine attacks.

If your migraine attacks frequently, and you are not sure of what causes them or which type of migraine reliever is suitable for you, then you have to see a doctoron Migraine Relief